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Professor Eco Stage Show

Welcome to The Eco Show™

Bringing exciting Eco-Topics to your school

We are small educational touring-company, specialising in Eco Topics for primary schools.

The Professor Eco Show full of fun. The Professor tells the children lots of stories about fixing Eco Problems.

Racing about the stage, the Professor involves everyone with music, laughing, and cheering. Children help Eco on stage, and everyone gets a chance to contribute.

It’s inspirational, and a highly entertaining show. Plenty of opportunities for class talks after the show.

Professor Eco

The Eco and Ono Show

“Eco & Ono” are characters who highlight serious issues through playful entertainment.

Experience the floor show in your school hall, or on your stage.

Designed for the largest schools, it’s an experience in drama, and a great reward for school achievements.

Eco Questions and Answers

What Teachers Say

I loved it! Really fun. (Mrs McGuigan, St Aloysius Primary)

eco ono energy here for more reviews.

  • How do we stop littering?
  • Should we go by car?
  • What uses most energy?
  • What do all species need?
  • What is healthy food?




The Eco & Ono Show transforms an ordinary hall into a living theatre. With our scenery, sound system, props, and music, we start building a magical experience.

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